Did you manage to hit the jackpot in online slots or your favorite card game? Congratulations! Now it’s time to get your money into your account. And often it’s not as easy as collecting your chips in a regular physical casino. The online gambling industry on the Internet is structured in a completely different way. And here you can run into some unexpected problems.

How money withdrawal works in modern online casinos

First of all, it should be borne in mind that the casino today has clear rules for withdrawing money:

  • The user requests the withdrawal of a certain amount of money. After confirming the transaction, a request for processing is sent;
  • Depending on the selected casino and the required amount, funds can be received into your account in 5 minutes to several days;
  • The online casino checks the received request. On some sites, verifying a user’s identity can take several days;
  • After processing the request, the casino sends the request to the financial institution. If there are no problems, the money goes to the user’s account.
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But this algorithm can be considered ideal. Things don’t always happen so quickly and easily. Sometimes the user has problems when trying to withdraw money. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

The main causes of online casino withdrawal problems

11 reasons why an gambling site won’t pay me?

  • When registering online casino account, the user provided false information;
  • Duplicate user accounts;
  • Violated the conditions for wagering bonus terms;
  • Not provided supporting documents;
  • Someone else’s credit card or bank account is used;
  • Fixed cases of deception on your part;
  • Using a VPN;
  • Until the deposit money is wagered;
  • The user is a minor;
  • You are using a fraudulent casino;
  • Unacceptable legal gambling age

Now let’s look at the main reasons in more detail.

Fraudulent particular online casino

Refusal to pay out can be a clear sign of illegal actions on the part of the casino. Therefore, carefully choose the most reliable, safe online casinos. If the company does not pay out the winnings, the user can apply for the help of the regulatory company. Therefore, before registering on the casino site, we strongly recommend checking the legitimacy of this company.

User wagering requirements not met

According to the requirements of the casino online, the player must bet all his money on the deposit a certain number of times. Only then can you withdraw your casino winnings. Therefore, we recommend that you take into account this requirement of each selected casino before replenishing your deposit on the site.

Supporting documents not provided

Before paying out money to the casino, you need to make sure that the person who registered is in front of them. Therefore, the site necessarily undergoes an identity verification procedure. We always recommend reading the user agreement before registering on the site and replenishing the deposit.

Duplicate Accounts – сommon reason for online casino refuses

Often, users create more than one account in order to abuse the bonuses provided. Online casinos themselves clearly do not like this approach. Therefore, they try to regularly punish players – including by refusing to provide payments.

Stop VPN

According to the rules of different casinos, access to users from some countries is prohibited. VPN is becoming an affordable way to mask your real IP address. If you resort to such small frauds, there is a threat of not receiving payments. Therefore, we recommend not to take risks and choose casinos where users from your country can play.

What can be done if the casino refuses to pay out money

If the user meets the above requirements but cannot receive the money, additional steps will have to be taken.

Contact online casino technical support

The first step is to seek help from the technical support of the selected casino. Take screenshots, prepare additional evidence and defend your case.

Contacting the Gambling Commission

You can use the help of a more influential organization. Usually, well-known online casinos value their reputation and try to avoid user complaints. Therefore, they are doing everything possible to avoid such proceedings.

You can think about protecting your interests in court. But some casinos may be located in another country. In this case, you will need the assistance of a lawyer from the jurisdiction in which this company operates.


What casino has the highest payout

The amount of payouts often does not depend on the chosen casino, but on a specific slot and provider. But the reliability and guarantee of money payouts already depend on the casino itself. To ensure that you receive your money, we recommend choosing reliable online casinos – for example, Jackpot City, 888 Casino, Royal Vegas and others.

How long can an online casino legally withhold your payout

Usually this condition is specified in the rules of a certain online casino – in the case of large and best winnings from one week to two months. At the same time, some casinos delay or even refuse payments if they see strange activity on the user’s accounts or certain violations on his part.

How much can a casino payout in cash

The maximum amount of one-time payments in each case depends on the rules of a particular casino. But most casinos have a figure – payouts of no more than $10,000 are possible within one business day.