The situations may be different. But in any case, you should start with a dialogue. The first step is always to try chatting with the site’s support team. But the situation is not always perfect. Let’s talk about the main tips and ways to get your money back, taking into online casino account the recommendations of most players.

Fraudulent casino does not pay – what can be done

If there are problems with a certain gambling site, there is a chance to fight and correct the situation. To do this, we can recommend several main actions.

Online casino withdrawal problems – Always take screenshots anyway

After any big win, we strongly recommend taking a screenshot. You can brag about it if you want. But his main task is different. We need proof of our winnings. We also take a screenshot of our wallet on the website of this casino online. Also take screenshots of private messages that mention winnings. Screenshots from the chat with the casino managers will also help.

Try to understand the reasons – why payments are denied in online gambling

Yes, it can be quite an embarrassing situation when payments cannot be received through your fault. For example, it is possible to duplicate an account. Or use someone else’s credit card. Or used a VPN while playing. In any case, you will have to communicate with the technical support of the casino. In communication with the manager, you can understand the reasons for the refusal of payments, possible ways to correct the situation.

Therefore, we always recommend that you study the rules and requirements of the casino before registering. After all, if problems arise through your fault, you will not be able to protect your rights either in regulatory bodies or in court.

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Learn and Follow the Casino Complaint Procedure

The procedure can indeed be quite long, boring, and not always pleasant. But in any case, write down all the facts – what you send, what answers you received, etc.

Use third party sites for your opinion about casino refuse

It may seem strange, but in fact, many casinos value their reputation. There are various resources with reviews, user reviews. Be sure to use this opportunity to convey your point of view to the general public. It is highly likely that representatives of these sites will respond to such reviews and try to correct the situation.

On which sites you can find help – main gambling forums

Usually, most of these services are ready to quickly resolve problems that arise. Try to explain the situation in detail in order to jointly find the most effective solution.

Ask Gamblers Casino Complaint Center: This site offers manager assistance on its main page. He is ready to discuss the problem that has arisen and create a ticket with an explanation of the problems that have arisen.

Casinomeister forum. The site may look old, but is well known to many experienced users. Here you can not only find the answers of other players, but also find the help of a lawyer. They usually answer the problem here after two days. Pretty quick response, help with advice on how to proceed.

ARN (Sweden only). Independent experts to handle complaints from users in Sweden who are in trouble and need help.

The Pogg, Works only for the UK. Here, experts offer advice for people facing online casino scams.

Can licensed casino refuse to pay out?

Such a possibility also exists. But in this case, you have the opportunity to protect your rights by applying to the regulatory body or to the court. But usually licensed, reliable casinos respond quite well to the usual user complaints. Therefore, there is confidence that you can return your money if you did not violate the rules.

After all, reliable casinos do not want to face proceedings from regulatory authorities and subsequent large fines. Therefore, use this opportunity – tell the particular online casino administration about your problem. Otherwise, we apply for the support of regulatory authorities in the selected country.

Online casino refuses to pay – can the court help

Yes, users can apply for court review for non-payment. But you need to understand in which country the institution itself is located in order to choose a court in this jurisdiction. There are chances, but it is important to understand that we will need quite a significant investment of time and money for such proceedings. Therefore, it is immediately necessary to compare the arguments in favor and against such a decision.

Having a license does not guarantee the absence of problems in the casino

Traditionally, the Maltese gambling license is considered one of the best in the world. Thanks to its presence, the user receives additional protection of European jurisdiction. It is known that this regulator really controls the operation of the casino, always trying to exclude cases of fraudulent activities.

However, there is an important nuance. Online casinos with a Maltese license can sometimes accept users from New Zealand, Canada, various European countries.

But there are regulators and local level licenses only in some countries. For example, in Sweden, Denmark or the UK. Here, the authorities require that casinos obtain local licenses.

Why Users Should Choose Reliable Casinos

It usually doesn’t even go as far as filing a complaint with the regulator. If the casino does not pay out winnings, usually the problem is due to violations on the part of the user or some kind of misunderstanding. Usually the situation is successfully solved by communicating with the representatives of the casino

It is unlikely that anyone wants scandals, worsening their reputation for the public.

Problems usually arise only when choosing a fraudulent, unreliable casino. Therefore, readers are strongly recommended to the sites presented on


How to complain about an online casino not paying out

Be sure to make screenshots of all actions to confirm your innocence. Try to communicate with the casino’s customer support. If you cannot reach an agreement with the casino, complain to the regulatory authorities in the region. Post information about fraud on independent sites, in ratings, write your reviews.

Paying money to play online casino games when winnings are not paid out

The ideal option in this case is to communicate with the casino’s customer support and find a common language. If this step does not bring results, you can contact the regulatory body in a particular region. The next step is to file a lawsuit. But in any case, you must have sufficient evidence and screenshots of winnings and attempts to communicate with the casino’s customer support.

How to win at the casino slots when they are not paying

First of all, we recommend choosing online casinos that pay well. Study information about the RTP of the slot, trust only a reliable casino. Explore different expert strategies for playing a particular slot. Try to follow a strategy and distribute your costs to different slots that you trust.

Why online casinos won’t pay out your winnings?

Unfortunately, some casinos refuse to pay out winnings to their users. Often such a decision is explained by legitimate reasons due to the violation of some rules by the user. Although sometimes the refusal to pay is also illegal – at the initiative of the casino itself.