In the face of modern problems in the housekeeper, many people are beginning to consider online casinos as a worthy opportunity for alternative earnings. But how to find out the average casino payouts, increase your chances of winning and choose the best offers in the gambling industry? Let us consider in more detail the nuances and possibilities of the right choice.

What are the actual average casino winnings

Many advertisements promise big and fast winnings. But how is the situation really? In fact, there are no detailed statistics for any casino. You just need to take into account the RTP of a certain slot or other game. This indicator allows you to understand what the average return of money a player can receive in the long run.

Although for clarity, you can study some studies of the well-known publication The Wall Street Journal.

Interestingly, on average, it was possible to receive winnings every third day on which bets were placed. But long-term play without an effective strategy is a bad idea. In this case, only 11% of players remained in the black at the end of the month.

This trend is especially noticeable for many avid players. Of the top 10% players by the number of bets, 95% were at a loss at the end of the year.

Other statistics are also interesting – the main income for online casinos is provided by 10.7% of all players. The reason is the inability to stop, the willingness to lose large sums.

If a player finds his effective strategy, on average he can win 120% of the size of his bets, but the number of such players in modern casinos does not exceed 20%.

The results of the study confirm that over time, you can regularly receive average casino winnings. But before that, you will need to spend a significant amount of money and time to really reach a positive trend. And be sure to carefully consider the choice of a suitable casino.

How to find casinos with the best average payouts for users

First of all, you should be guided by the reliability and reputation of the selected casino. Other mandatory criteria include:

  • Availability of international certificates. Additional guarantee that the user will be able to receive his winnings;
  • Percentage of payouts to users – RTP value. Study the statistics for the selected slot or other game on the online casino site;
  • Reputation, opinions of experts and users;
  • A sufficient selection of games suitable for your preferences;
  • Quality of customer support;
  • Availability of suitable ways to withdraw money and replenish the deposit.

Biggest and average casino winnings – well-known record holders in the history of online gambling

Many of us dream of the biggest win. To do this, you can take into account not only the average casino winnings, but also the chance of winning a large jackpot.

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Archie Karas – $50 turned into $40 million

A famous story about how a poor man instantly became a millionaire. Although then he again found himself at the very bottom of society. This talented poker player was able to earn a unique amount in Las Vegas, having received an incredible fortune. But in the end, he lost everything in other casinos.

Biggest Online Casino Winner – $38 Million

The 20-year-old Norwegian was able to get an impressive win. Peter was able to win 38 million in the online slot “Arabian Knights”, in which the progressive jackpot was available to users.

Kerry Packer – $30 million

One of the most famous, big wins in Las Vegas. It is noteworthy that at that time Kerry Packer was already a billionaire. However, he decided to try his luck. And as a result, he was able to win a record $40 million.

Elmer Sherwin – two wins, $5 million and $21 million

Elmeo Sherwin is one of the happiest people. During a van ride with his wife, he decided to make a stop in Las Vegas. He decided to try his luck at The Mirage, where he was able to win $4.6 million. And after 16 years, he was lucky again – he won $ 21 million in the Megabucks slot machine.

Young Engineer – $39.7 million

Not every big winner is known by name throughout the country. The player, known as the “young engineer”, who is only 25 years old, played slot machines at Excalibur in Las Vegas. Here he won a jackpot of over $39.7 million. He decided to split the winnings, so he gets $1.5 million every year. Now it’s comfortable to live.

But it is important to understand that we have mainly talked about the most famous, big casino winnings in history. Real average casino winnings turn out to be much less. And sometimes the players do not manage to get income at all. Therefore, plan your budget responsibly and do not risk the amount of money that you are not ready to lose.


What the average taxes pay on casino winnings

Online casino winnings are fully tax deductible. In each case, the amount of taxes paid depends on the specific country in which the winner resides.

What happens when you win big at the casino?

First of all, you can be happy. Then you need to find out the conditions for receiving a win. It can be a single payment or several payments. We also recommend that you find out the conditions for paying taxes in your country in order to avoid problems with the law.

Is there a limit to how much you can win at a casino?

Slot machines have different rates of maximum winnings. Their size can vary from a few hundred dollars up to a million dollars or more. There are also certain limits on payouts at the casino – this information is best found in the FAQ block or in the customer support of the selected site.

How to choose a casino with high average payouts?

We recommend reading reviews and opinions from well-known experts. For example, our site offers a regular review of the best online slots with best lowest house edge and other casino games with the highest average winnings.